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Havells Low Voltage Switchgears

Electrical Distribution needs are continuously evolving in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Improved operational safety, continuity of service, greater convenience and operating cost have assumed a tremendous significance.

Havells manufactures world class quality industrial switchgear products. These products offer close protection of devices such as motors against overload, single phasing etc. The entire range of Havells industrial switchgear includes switches, circuit breakers and conventional devices. These products are designed and manufactured according to world class standards. The wide ranges of these devices are built to meet varied application needs in motors, distribution circuits and automation systems.

Havells ranges of circuit breaker devices for industrial applications offer customised solutions based on different load requirements. The Titania range of Air Circuit Breakers is among the most sophisticated industrial circuit breakers available in the country. Loadline range of Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) is available in a wide range of ampere and pole requirements.

Consumer Switchgears

Electrical Distribution needs are continuously evolving in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Improved operational safety, continuity of service, greater convenience and operating cost has assumed a tremendous significance. Miniature Circuit Breakers have been designed to continuously adapt to these changing needs.

Havells Euro II MCB is the latest and safest range of products. It hosts world-class safety features which protect your devices from short circuits. Range of Euro II MCBs include Miniature Circuit Breakers, Isolators and Residual Current Circuit Breakers.

Havells Minature Circuit Breaker
Havells MCB Isolator
Havells RCCBs and RCBOs

Features of "Euro II MCBs" :

  • Precise hammer action
  • Trip free mechanism
  • Low Watt Loss
  • Longer Electrical Life
  • Wide Range availability
  • Value for Money
  • Low power consumption, thus cost effective and energy saving

Havells Utility Distribution Boards

Havells Utility Distribution Boards comes with a wide range of compact, elegant and economical Distribution Boards (DBs). This DBs comes with unique features, designed and engineered to provide user safety, convenience and operational / maintenance advantages are offered.

Range of Distribution Boards contains SPN / TPN DBs available in Single and Double Door.

Havells Minature Circuit Breaker
Havells RCCBs and RCBOs

Features of "Consumer Distribution Boards" :

  • Compact size Distribution Boards to occupy minimum space
  • Raised neutral link for easy wiring
  • Suitable for flush and surface mounting
  • Supplied with neutral and earth link
  • Supplied with fully shielded bus-bars
  • IP 42 degree of protection
  • As per IEC 61439-3, IS: 13032, IS: 8623 specification
  • Available in attractive range of colours

Industrial Switchgears

Havells provides a range of high quality modern and unique consumer lighting products such as conventional recess lighting, gate lighting, home décor, accessories etc.

Conventional Recess Lighting

Enhance the safety of your workforce and equipment with the varied range of circuit breakers from Havells.

Load Line range of Moulded Case Circuit Breakers are designed and manufactured to world-class standards. Loadline series MCCBs provide overload and short-circuit protection for all applications. The thermal and magnetic elements, adjustable over a wide band, make these MCCBs ideal for any distribution application.

  • Wide range : 15A to 1600A (AC), with compact dimension
  • Adjustable thermal setting (70-100%) In & magnetic setting (5-10 / 4-10 times) In
  • Suitable for use as switch disconnector
  • In 4PwSN version, neutral makes first and breaks last
  • Push to trip button provision
  • Uniform front escutcheon plate
  • Positive dolly position indication
  • Suitable for DC application up-to 1600A
  • Separate main and arcing contacts
  • Wide range of accessories
Gate Lighting

“Titania” range of Air Circuit Breakers are available from 630 Amp to 4000 Amp rating in 3 Pole and 4 pole execution, with breaking capacity of 50kA to 100kA. These ACBs have been designed keeping in mind the present day complex requirement of electrical systems which makes it essential to have a reliable product which can give un-interrupted service throughout the product life meeting all the stresses that the system encounters.

  • Compact size, wide range and high breaking capacity
  • 630A to 4000A available in only 3 frame sizes
  • First frame available up-to 2000A
  • Common height, depth and panel door cut out
  • Plug in type front accessible accessories
  • Accessories are field fittable and common for the entire range
  • Modular construction for pole unit
  • Easily replaceable arcing contacts
  • Available with communication facility
LED Lighting

Wide ranges of Front Operated Panel Mounting Switch Disconnector Fuse are offered for various power distribution applications. These switches have high short circuit making and breaking capacity and are suitable for stringent AC-23A utilisation category. These can be used for both AC and DC applications.

  • Front operated, positive break double isolation switch mechanism
  • Multi Break arcing contacts per pole for higher electrical life
  • Stationary Fuse Links prevent loosening of fuses
  • Handle with Padlock, Door interlock and defeat mechanism facility
  • Add-on auxiliary switch
  • Available in open execution and in sheet steel enclosure.
Wall Surface Lighting

A comprehensive range of Euroload Switch Disconnector (Load Break Switches) have been designed and developed indigenously to meet various needs of distribution circuits. The switches are compact and suitable for AC-23A duty.

  • High electrical & mechanical endurance
  • Contacts and mechanism in enclosed housing to avoid dust ingress
  • Double break contacts per pole
  • Arc chutes and Arc barriers provided
  • Staggered terminals for cable termination up-to 400A/ 800A in 3 pole/4 pole execution
  • Provision of Phase separators
  • Easy add-on Auxiliary switch kit
  • Separate main & arcing contacts
  • Handle with door interlock and padlock facility
  • Front operated with two stable position : 0 – 1
Lighting Accessories

Euroload changeover switch are used in wide application. These changeovers are used wherever the reliability of electrical supply from the utilities is low. They are used in lighting / motor circuits wherever continuity of supply is necessary, for switching to an alternative source from main supply and vice versa.

They are switch disconnectors with independent manual operation. They are capable of making, carrying and breaking currents under normal circuit conditions. This may include operating overload conditions and also carrying currents under specified abnormal circuit conditions such as those of short circuit for a specified time. These switches are modular in construction, compact in size and suitable for stringent utilization category AC-23A.

  • Quick make and quick break mechanism
  • High electrical and mechanical endurance, Advance neutral
  • Enclosed housing to avoid dust ingress
  • Staggered terminals up-to 800A
  • Load and Line reversibility
  • Provision of phase separators, add-on auxiliary switch
  • Door interlocks and padlock facility
  • Extended outgoing terminals
  • Available in open execution and in sheet steel enclosure
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