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Bajaj Professional Luminaires

Bajaj Luminaires offer vast range of products for various commercial offices and industries. Its broad range of products are used in Modern Workspace, Retail Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Urban Landscaping and many other sectors.

Bajaj Luminaires understands the many fold needs of the modern office. It also understands that the balance of aesthetics and ergonomics must govern the choice of the lighting systems.

Bajaj also offers an internationally accepted range of Industrial Lighting Luminaires. These luminaires features ensure efficient lighting, lower capital and running costs. It also makes certain less power consumption and the greater comfort. These luminaires meet the requirement of indoor and outdoor industrial solutions. It can be used with different varieties of lamps.

Modern Work-space

Office Workspaces have changed, and so has the Work Culture, thanks to the technology!

Lighting, is an important environmental variable. It enhances human productivity when used effectively!

Fashioned with well-being in mind, the product range of Workspace Lamps and Luminaires are a result of careful research.

Features of "Modern Workspace" fittings:

  • Very low energy consumption
  • Up to 40 % energy savings (compared to CFLs)
  • Up to 85% energy savings (compared to incandescent lamps)
  • VSP (Voltage Surge Protection) upto2.5kV
  • Long Life of up to 25,000 hours
  • Perfect maintenance free replacement for 100W incandescent lamps / 20W CFLs
  • Perfect maintenance free replacement for 25W incandescent lamps / 5W CFLs

Retail Lighting

Bajaj Retail Lighting are designed to bewitch! Intelligent use of colour and control, intensity and contrast used while designing retail lighting. It helps engineer an enchanting ambience.

Retail lighting is with customers all the way. Be it in lighting up walkways and aisles, illuminating counters or corners to advantage. Enveloping these in a cocoon of classy comfort! As the dazzling array of brands unfolds these also move along effortlessly. Guided and oriented by the hidden yet compelling artistry of Bajaj retail lighting.

Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting provides comfortable, glare-free working ambience. The computer-aided designed luminaires offer a choice of different light distribution. The reflectors are generally made of electro-chemically brightened, polished and high purity anodised aluminum. It comes with stepped/multiple facets. Industrial lighting range of product includes high bay, medium bay, low bay and Well-glass luminaires. It comes in both integral and non-integral designs. High quality, low loss control gear with power factor improving capacitor is incorporated in the luminaires as a significant add-on.

Bajaj's state- of-the- art technology, i.e. a thin layer of glass coating on the HID luminaire reflectors improve the life, efficiency and provides sustained illumination levels throughout the life. This allows light distribution spread to be uniform and distributed optimally. Allowing to the space height ratio and enhanced economy through wider spacing possibilities. There are various other benefits which have been explained separately. Whenever required, special finishes or higher degree of IP protection are provided to meet aggressive conditions. These fittings are usually used in fertilizer plants, chemical plants, oil refineries, etc. Also in the range of products comes Bulkhead and Well-glass luminaries. These fixtures comes with control gears suitable for dusty and humid atmosphere.

Features of "Industrial Lighting" fittings:

  • Eco-friendly (Contains less than 4mg Mercury)
  • Life span of up-to 6,000 burning hours.
  • Comes in Cool Daylight and Warm White Color.
  • Very low energy consumption and higher power factor (>0.85)
  • Saves up-to 40% energy as compared to incandescent lamps.
  • Perfect maintenance free replacement for 25W-200W incandescent lamps
  • Comes in variable base caps - B22, E27, E14 and E40.
  • Available from 5 Watt to 85 Watt.

Street Lightings

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Area Lightings

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Landscape Lightings

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