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Bajaj Consumer Lighting

Bajaj Electricals is one of the pioneer in offering full range of safe, long lasting and energy efficient lighting solutions. It offers wide-range of product includes solutions for architectural lighting, commercial & residential lighting.

Bajaj not only offers conventional lightings but LED lighting as well. It offers wide range of stellar LED lighting products. This products incorporates latest LED technology. This technology mainly aims to upgrade the lighting systems we currently use. So that there is increase in energy efficiency. And therefore, it is environment friendly.

LED Lamps

Bajaj LED range of lighting solution is widely known as one of the best in the market.

They are manufactured with the utmost care given to the every component. To further extend its excellent features, none of the Bajaj’s LED lights use any chemical compounds. Thus preventing from any potential harmful threat to the environment.

Features of "Bajaj LED Lamps" :

  • Environment friendly (Contains no Mercury, UV/IR free light)
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Up to 40 % energy savings (compared to CFLs)
  • Up to 85% energy savings (compared to incandescent lamps)
  • VSP (Voltage Surge Protection) upto2.5kV
  • Long Life of up to 25,000 hours
  • Perfect maintenance free replacement for 100W incandescent lamps / 20W CFLs
  • Perfect maintenance free replacement for 25W incandescent lamps / 5W CFLs

Compact Fluroscent Lamps (CFLs)

Bajaj Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s) provides warm, soft, long life and energy efficient light.

It comes with spoke shield protection. Which protects from external factor of voltage fluctuations. Thus these keeps lamps safe and increase their lifespan. CFL lamps have a lifespan of approximately 6000 burning hours. It is safer and eco-friendly as it lacks liquid mercury inside.

Features of "Bajaj CFL Lamps" :

  • Eco-friendly (Contains less than 4mg Mercury)
  • Life span of up-to 6,000 burning hours.
  • Comes in Cool Daylight and Warm White Color.
  • Very low energy consumption and higher power factor (>0.85)
  • Saves up-to 40% energy as compared to incandescent lamps.
  • Perfect maintenance free replacement for 25W-200W incandescent lamps
  • Comes in variable base caps - B22, E27, E14 and E40.
  • Available from 5 Watt to 85 Watt.

Consumer Lighting Fixture

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