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Anchor Switches & Accessories

Anchor is the oldest brand of Indian electrical market, which is acquired by Panasonic Corporation. For over the last five decades Anchor, has not only fascinated the attention of creative but common person also with its wide range of quality electrical switch and accessories. Being branded as "SuperBrand", it is the only electrical switch accessories in this specific segment on the electrical industry.

Amassed popularity has simply made it a synonym for a switch nationally.

Anchor Penta

Anchor "Penta" is the front-line non-modular switch and accessories. It is the largest selling range of elegant non-modular switches and accessories. It is also the first "Piano" switch introduced in India. Epitomizing safety and reliability, this "Penta" range of switch and accessories has always been the perpetual part of every Indian household.

Features of Anchor "Penta" switch and accessories :

  • Available in Polycarbonate (PC) and Urea material
  • White and Ivory color for "Penta" PC range
  • Ivory and Brown color for "Penta" Urea range
  • Highly durable and attractive design
  • Product adhering to BIS Standards
  • Complemented with several General Accessories

Anchor Roma modular switches and accessories

Anchor Roma is stylish & elegant modular switch accessories and much more...

"Roma" is the conventional modular range offered by Anchor. Brand "Roma" has been the market leader for over 17 years in modular range of switches and accessories.

It offers a variety of range in the terms of colors, textures and finishes for the plates, which blends almost every home decor. Thus, "Roma" is referred as life-long partner, which lights up your home. Available in special range for residential, commercial and hospital use.

Features of "Roma" Modular switch and accessories :

  • Specialty range available for residential, commercial & hospitality use.
  • Unmatched variety in switch plates such as Deko single mounting plate series, Tresa color series, Lira series & Solid metal plates.
  • AGT (Advanced Gliding Technology) applied for enabling zero bounce.
  • The first range in the country to have AX rated 10A & 20A switches
  • All products adhere to BIS standards.

Anchor Rider

Anchor Rider range of switches and accessories is the cost efficient modular switch accessories. The "Rego" and "Regency" range of modular plates is designed for those who foster a desire for the best. Adding imagination to your interiors, this simple, neat and tidy white range of modular plates just blends with the d├ęcor of the home and office with its sleek design.

Fine aesthetics and easily available. Anchor Rider is the proven product that gives value for money to the end consumer.

Features of "Rider" Modular switches and accessories :

  • Sleek and slim design.
  • All products adhere to BIS requirements.
  • Accessories & Plates available in white.
  • Single Plates Rego and Regency.
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